Real Estate - Office

When designing an office environment, we aim at providing a friendly yet smart working environment by applying the look and layout that best reflects the needs of the client, together with usage of ergonomic work stations and state of the art office technology. Our ultimate goal in office design is to combine comfort and high-tech to produce better efficiency and higher work output.

We also have extensive in-house architectural and design experience which allows to undertake large office building projects where we handle all areas of development.


Relevant Projects


Kente Tower

Office Building at the centre of Accra, Ghana

Located in an attractively green area, among large former colonial estates, the development consists of a new 21 office story-tower, hosting approximately 2000 people. The Kente Tower is a new landmark seen from far away with its elongated vertical silhouette cutting dramatically into the skyline. The building is ventilated via a Geothermal Cooling System with photovoltaic panels positioned on the roof, employs a non-contact IC card key system and is equipped with the latest innovations for protection against seismic activity (earthquakes).



High Street Mall

Retail and Office development in Accra, Ghana

This new development promises to be significant in providing quality retail, shopping, restaurant and office space in an enviable location with a panoramic view of the ocean and providing outdoor parking for visitors. The building itself is architecturally striking with its appealing, modern facade while also incoporating green spaces on its cascading planted rooves. With the amalgamation of office space, restaurants and shopping in one connected, cohesive development, it promises to be a huge boost for the local economy and will enrich the lives of local people.



Embassy Building from African Country in Japan

Embassy Building, Central Tokyo, Japan

With this project it was necessary to take into careful consideration the fact that an embassy building stands as a representation of a country and therefore it was necessary to liaise closely with the client throughout the course of the project in order to ensure that our visions were calibrated, and it was also necessary to approach the project from a different direction from other normal office projects we have done in the past. Furthermore our broad experience in a wide range of disciplines served us well as we carefully considered the functions of a diplomatic mission in the design and architecture of the chancery.