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Terramax began operating under its new name in 2009 when its executives decided to merge their operations after many years of cooperation.

The result of the new structure became apparent in the immediate increase in its range of activities and higher efficiency in executing projects. Terramax is offering a diversified portfolio of integrated projects in the areas of Real Estate, Energy, Agriculture and Agro-Industry, and Health Facilities and Services.

Terramax is located at the center of Tokyo, adjacent to the Prime Minister's Residence and Government Ministries and leading Japanese companies' offices thus "feeling" the bit of business and entrepreneurship. However, we operate through our affiliate companies in Africa and Europe to achieve higher efficiency in management and allocation of resources for our projects. As such, the activity of Terramax in Japan focuses on identifying opportunities, then drawing up the blueprints for making those opportunities materialize.

As a general projects company Terramax's approach is to provide our clients a total "tailor made" solution for their needs on a "turn-key" basis. We carefully design and develop our projects in close consultation with our clients in order to achieve the best results. Our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that Terramax will handle any and every aspect of the project while paying attention to the smallest details.

Terramax's Core Strengths

Professionalism, Reliability, Capability, Dedication.

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